My name is Vamp and I spend a little too much time online.

I guess I'll expand on myself here for anyone interested beyond the blurb on my homepage. I'm a 24 year old living in the bible belt(not awesome) and working two jobs, one is boring office shit and the other is as a reptile handler for an independant breeder. By making this website I want to find something lost to me through social media and the current web but it's not as serious as that sounds, I promise LOL.

I love to learn and create things, especially stories and characters. Drawing and illustration was my first passion but it's expanded far beyond now. I sew, crochet, make kandi, write, photography and film! All these are outlets/mediums I love very much.


My diary post WILL contain talk of mental illness/disorder. I won't give a grocery list of diagnosis because that's my own business. At worst, my diary could possibly contain mentions of suicidal ideation. This is, of course, my website but I do want to put a warning.